Pioneer Design & Engineering, with an approach targeted at achieving the best possible as its philosophy, has achieved remarkable success within a short span of time with its resources having been engaged at most of the top Multinational Companies-including CMM Level 5-in India and abroad.

If you want to be a part of PDE's dedicated and dynamic group of Consultants/Engineers and to contribute your best by working for its highly reputed clients, spread in India and across the world, here comes your way a long awaited opportunity. All the consultants CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM Engineers are welcome to send in their resumes.

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Please email your latest resumes to [email protected] with subject line containing your area of skills / specialization, and you will be contacted soon.

Recruitment Process :

As an Equal-Opportunity Employer, candidates are selected on a rigorous interview and examination process. Selection factors include Education, Technical skills, Industry Experience, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, and Versatility.

Pioneer's Recruiters and Business Development Managers work closely with clients and candidates to align and meet the exact needs.

Our selection process involves:

Reviewing resume in detail.
Selecting candidates only from recognized Universities.
Reviewing the Education Qualifications, Certifications, Training and appropriate experience.
Conducting a reference check with at least 2 references.
Conducting initial interview to assess Communication, Presentation, Behavior, Personal Skills.
Conducting written technical test as required.
Conduct technical interview.

If you're interested in working with Us, feel free to contact Us